7 March 2014

‘The Other Schindlers’ is on sale in the Auschwitz Bookshop.

My good friend Lesley Blower from Neath and Port Talbot College visited Auschwitz on 19 February 2014, for the Lessons from Auschwitz visit made by students and staff from across Wales. She sent me the photo below showing my book on sale in the Auschwitz bookshop. My maternal grandfather, Armin Klein, was killed in Auschwitz in 1944, around the time I was born.

There is no pleasure to be had from anything to do with Auschwitz. But the knowledge that my book, which mentions Armin, was available where he died was strangely satisfying, especially as my mother and I had been destined to join him. A whim of fate saved us.

20-2-14 Auschwitz shop