18 August 2017

Publication of ‘Who Betrayed the Jews?’ paperback

I am pleased to say that the paperback of Who Betrayed The Jews? was published on 15 August by my new publisher Amberley Books. It will be available in the US from 1 April 2018 – I do not understand why it takes so long to paddle across the ‘pond’.

I am thrilled with the new cover which is really striking. There is a section at the end which contains an update on some of the stories.

The list price is £20.00 but Amberley are selling it at £18.00. All the main book shops are listing it with Blackwell’s being cheapest at £14.44 with free delivery. There are some better deals with online bookshops such as Wordery currently quoting £13.33 with free delivery. In any event do buy it and tell your network.

I am available to speak about the book and some of the stories in it. Do contact me to discuss this.