31 July 2011

‘The Other Schindlers’ featured in CCJ journal.

The Council of Christians and Jews (CCJ) recently reviewed ‘The Other Schindlers’ in the Summer 2011 edition of their journal Common Ground – you can download and read this review on the CCJ website – click the link  http://ccj.org.uk/Common-Ground  on pages 23 and 24. Two quotations from the review are below:

 Oskar Schindler is, of course, famous for his heroic efforts – estimated to have saved the lives of almost 1,200 Jews during the Shoah. His story hit the media through Steven Spielberg’s 1993 award-winning classic film Schindler’s List. But there were numerous others during World War II who risked their lives to protect Jewish people. The Other Schindlers provides accounts of the lives of such other ‘rescuers’.

The broad scale of this investigation is commendable. The Other Schindlers is well-researched and highly detailed, with information drawn from a broad range of sources, including face-to-face interviews, unpublished memoirs, letters and correspondence, videos and newspaper articles.