9 April 2017

New Publisher: Paperback and New Book on Women in the Holocaust

After many problems, I have moved to a new publisher Amberley Publishing. I am really excited that they are bringing ‘Who Betrayed The Jews?’ out as a paperback later this year. The book has been updated and now has a decent Index.

Amberley has also commissioned me to write a new book about women’s experiences in the Holocaust. I have been talking to some amazing women and have found some extraordinary stories. I am very excited about this new book which has now gone to the publishers for publication on 15 January 2018 all being well. There are some incredible stories in it.

Cover of Women's BookSales of ‘The Other Schindlers’ still continue as the topic seems to have enduring interest. Sales are over 13,000. Unfortunately my attempts to get a film or TV series made out of it have not so far had any success but I live in hope.