17 October 2016

Henley Literary Festival – 29 September 2016

Photo courtesy Henley Literary Festival/James Gifford-Mead

Photos courtesy Henley Literary Festival/James Gifford-Mead

I was delighted to be invited to speak at the Henley Literary Festival on 29 September 2016. My PowerPoint  about my family’s experiiences in the Holocaust in Hungary, how I came to write my books and stories from my latest book was very well received by the audience of about 100. There were some excellent questions and quite a few book sales. It is always good to be able to chat to people afterwards and people were most appreciative.

I was presented with a bag with something heavy which I assumed was a book. In fact it was a box of Welsh brownies which were so delicious I had to put some in the freezer to stop me eating them all.

I really enjoyed speaking at Henley and look forward to doing other Literary Festivals. Tom Ryan is prepared to give me a reference. Please contact me with queries and to make bookings.

With book at Henley