24 January 2016

Book Launch – 18 January 2016 at The Wiener Library

Book Launch with book.

My Book Launch took place at the Wiener Library in London in a very full room with people standing at the back and even in the corridor. My presentation on my family’s history and why I had written the book was well received. People asked some interesting questions and bought over 60 books. So the book was well launched. Richard Cooper from my old school, Sutton High School took the photo of me signing the book for the school library.

Book Launch photo 18 Jan. 2016

Ironically I had moved the date from 14 January, which would have been the anniversary of my second son’s Barmitzvah, to the 18th because Ben did not come back from his honeymoon until 17th January. It was only about 10 days before the event that I realised 18 January was the 71st anniversary of the liberation of the Budapest Ghetto in 1945. My mother and I had been incarcerated there since November 1944. My mother’s cousin Shmuel Lang, known as Pali, told me he had found my mother sitting on the stairs in the ghetto, surrounded by dead bodies, holding me – I was six months old.